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Orange Push Pop FSE Cart – Enigma Extracts

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Weight: 1 Gram

100% pure flower extracted Full Spectrum Extract oil with NO fillers or additives.

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These all ceramic carts have a NiChrome coil encased in ceramic so there is no metal contact to the extract. They pass all of California’s safety regulations and have zero heavy metal contamination. Due to the nature of the raw oil, when below room temperature the oil becomes more viscous. After sitting for a while, you may have to take a harder pull to get it flowing properly. Batteries that have a preheat function such as the Yocan Uni can help ensure good flow in cold temperatures. These are some of the reasons people cut carts like this but that’s not a route we want to take but we are working on other solutions.

Recommended power setting is 2.4-2.8V and under 8W max.

Do not store cartridge in areas warmer than room temperature.

In cold temperatures, warm cartridge in your hand or other source of heat to ensure better flow.

Disclaimer: When you inhale you need to draw hard to prevent heating the oil but not having it become fully vaporized to prevent having a burnt oil taste or having burnt oil back flow into the Cartridge.
The recommended battery for proper functioning is the Yocan Uni Pro and if you use a mod not designed for cartridges you will have a bad time!