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Orange Cookies – Astro Quads HTFSE Diamond Cartridges


STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
OIL TYPE: Astro Quads HTFSE Diamonds

Orange Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Orange Juice with the renowned Girl Scout Cookies. The result is a flavor-packed strain that will remind you of a sweet and juicy tangerine. The effects of Orange Cookies are calming and long-lasting. Consumers who smoke Orange Cookies say it provides a euphoric and cerebral head buzz that leaves you in a happy mood while your body remains relaxed. The dominant terpene of Orange Cookies is Terpinolene. According to Leafly users, medical marijuana patients often choose this strain to relieve symptoms associated with stress, depression, and anxiety.

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HTSFE, also known as High-terpene full-spectrum extracts, is a full-spectrum extract that includes high concentrations of terpenes. Full-spectrum extracts are extracted with the goal of preserving the complex range of compounds within the raw cannabis plant.

HTFSE It is one of the most highly potent and highly sought-after cannabis concentrates on the market today. Astro Quads HTSFE cartridges deliver a purified natural and organic product, which is NOT contaminated by any preservatives such as Vitamin E, VG, PG, PEG, and MCT. This is done to ensure that you get the premium quality that you deserve. HTSFE is not always the easiest to get your hands on.