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Flue Gas AAA+ (INDICA)

THC: 18% – 26%

Flue Gas is an Indica Dominant Hybrid strain that was created by crossing the Secret Cookies and Kush Mint 11 strains.  strong gassy / fuel notes followed by strong candy almost Berry notes, like a candy gas. When you break the bud you get a strong punch of fuel and sweet creaminess.

Flavour/Aroma: Berry, Diesel, Sweet, Candy and Pungent

Effects: Body High, Focus, Giggly, Hungry and Uplifting

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• Visuals – medium sized beautifully trimmed and immaculately cured chunky buds are dense and heavy with a snappy texture and are both very sticky and greasy to the touch. A gorgeous mix of purple and green with thin and wirey orange and peach colored pistils that pop like crazy against the blanket of milky white trichomes which covers them entirely with the abundance of juicy outer heads

 • Smell/Taste/Burn – I’ve always been a sucker for this terp profile and this batch is no different as upon busting into a nug there is an explosion of slightly creamy and sweet cookie dough like terps with loud overtones of spicy and funky fuel which ime are unique to the Flue Gas strain and there’s also a soft touch of mint in the mix. The taste follows suit but with that spicy and funky Flue Gas fuel dominating the flavor and has undertones of peppered cookie terps that’s all wrapped up in a soft touch of mint that gets stronger as you smoke. Joints burn great and quickly form a fair sized oil ring while leaving behind a lightly peppered light grey ash

 • High – just like past experiences with this girl the potent and highly medicating effects are what really sells me as midway through a spliff I can already feel my eyelids getting heavy while behind them is a very dreamy head stone that may eventually turns slightly sedating alongside a relaxing and soothing body load that helps a great deal with my chronic back pain and can definitely leave you with a couchlock. Perfect for an end of the day wind down sesh


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