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Bubba Kush XO AAA+ (INDICA)

Bubba Kush XO is a 100% indica strain with a genetic history that has its roots in the Hindu Kush Mountains. It is a massively popular cannabis strain that is famous for its heavy tranquilizing effects and relaxing body high.

The complete history of Bubba Kush XO is almost unknown due to poor documentation. It can, however, be distinguished by its vivid green and purple buds. Its aesthetics is strikingly reminiscent of classic cannabis, with a simple but alluring twist.

It has a taste that is as sweet and refreshing as bubblegum and a sweet, pungent and grounding aroma that is reminiscent of chocolate and coffee. It also has a hash and earthy flavor, with a nutty taste and a sweet side that blends in all together leading your taste buds into a fountain of pleasure.

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Bubba Kush XO is a rich, Indica-dominant strain, famous for its unique calming effects. Its refined aroma has just a hint of coffee and cocoa, while its taste is earthy and nutty with a subtle sweetness. As this strain’s effects kick in, users experience a tranquil body-melting sensation that remains mild enough to keep them up and active. This makes Bubba Kush XO a superb choice for daytime or nighttime use – providing you with relief, as you need it.



1/8 OZ (3.5G), 1/4 OZ (7G), 1/2 OZ (14G), OZ (28G)

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